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Tosima W2 Variable Frequency Window Cleaner Robot

Variable Suction Power. Super Cleaning. Remove Stubborn Stains,Frequency Conversion
【4 Cleaning Modes】Window cleaner robot with one button,intelligently and automatically plan the S-shaped cleaning path,achieve the maximum and best cleaning efficiency,and reduce omission or uncleaningThe remote control can adjust the window cleaning direction up,down,left and right according to your needs.After cleaning,it will automatically return to the starting point.(Note: It needs to be charged for 3 hours before the first start).
【3800Pa super suction】The robot window cleaner has a built-in brushless motor,which can generate 3800Pa strong suction, high speed and high pressure cleaning,and will not fall off due to unstable suction.It has the function of automatic detection and automatic adjustment of suction.When cleaning dirty glass,the suction of the window cleaner will automatically increase, so as to achieve the best cleaning effect.
【Efficient two-wheel rotation】The double-screw wiping system of the window cleaner can concentrate dirt and dust through two-wheel rotation, effectively providing efficient cleaning and perfect cleaning of windows.It is equipped with 6 sets of high-density microfiber cloth, which is not easy to drop and damage the glass,effectively and effectively wipe dirt, remove dirt, and easy to clean.(Note: Please clean the mops and wring the excess water before use.If there is any problem,please consult Tosima service team first)
【Multiple protection】The window cleaner has a built-in 650mAh rechageable battery,which can stay on the window for about 30 minutes in case of unexpected power failure and alarm.The automatic window cleaning robot is equipped with an AC/DC cable and a 5-meter long safety rope to prevent accidental fall.The safety rope can bear a weight of 120 kg. (Note: the window cleaning machine must be connected to the power supply when working.)
【Easy to use】 1.Wet the mops with spray,and install the mops on the window cleaner (not too wet, so as not to affect the suction);2. Connect the safety line and charging line; 3. Start with a button. Suitable for frameless and framed glass.(Suggestion: If there is dust on the glass, we recommend to wipe the glass with a wet cloth first to avoid leaving traces after cleaning the window. At the same time, we recommend to clean the window regularly and replace it with a new cleaning mops)
【Various surfaces】The Tosima W2 window cleaning robot is equipped with artificial intelligence cleaning technology,powerful brushless motor,reusable micro-fiber mat and fall prevention system.Its powerful cleaning ability is the ideal choice for most window types.But it can also be applied to all kinds of flat and hard surfaces, such as marble, tile, table, mirror, blackboard, etc.
【Note】(1)If you have any questions,please contact our customer service,we are ready to solve technical problems for you.(2) The product should be charged 3 hours before the first use, and water should be sprayed on the fabric to ensure sufficient friction.(3) Please read this manual before using this product.

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