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Tosima Portable Wireless TV Speakers for Hard of Hearing, FM Radio Fuction, Rechargeable Battery, Personal TV Soundbox for Elderly and Seniors, 2.4GHz RF, 100Ft Range TV-5000, Black

【Lightweight and Easy to use】Use the portable TV sound box anywhere in your home,the knob is more convenient for the elderly than the button,it easy to turn on and play your favorite radio.
【Wide Compatibility】The wireless speaker can compatible with all audio devices and easily connected with TV/Tablet PC/ MP3/MP4/DVD Player/Laptop/Phone & Ipad.
【FM Radio Function】The personal TV soundbox portable provides a more rapid and stable FM connections, it's can be easily paired with most of FM Channel,Frequency range: FM 87- 108MHZ.
【Rechargeable Battery & 8 Hour Playtime】This portable wireless tv speaker with Long Play Time -1000mAh built-in rechargeable battery, up to 8 hours play time in 2.4G wireless audio transmission mode and 5 hours in FM mode.
【Long Range Up to 100ft/30M】Bring the clear and crisp TV sound just at your side (No delay/No pairing),30M/100Ft Range 2.4G Wireless Plug & Play.

Product Details

wireless tv speaker

wireless tv speaker

wireless tv speaker

wireless tv speaker

wireless tv speaker

wireless tv speaker

wireless tv speaker


1. The receiver has no sound

Check all wire connections and ensure that all wire connections are firmly connected to the back of the transmitter and the TV. The power indicator should be on, and the audio output port on the back of the TV should be firmly connected with the audio input of the transmitter. The receiver power supply (the power indicator light is on) and the volume are turned on. At the same time, make sure that the distance between the receiver and the transmitter base is not more than 30m. If there is any obstruction between the receivers, the distance will be shorter.

2. The TV has sound, but the receiver has no sound

Check your TV speaker settings by using the TV remote control to access the TV menu and make sure that the TV is transmitting audio signals to the transmitter. If the optical cable connection is used, the audio output of the TV is set in PCM.

3. The receiver volume is still low at maximum

Use the remote control of the TV to turn the volume of the TV to a large enough position.

4. Occasional pause and distortion of sound

The transmitter base shall be far away from other wireless devices except for the TV. Please don’t put the transmitter base in the cabinet.

5. Low battery/charging lamp flashing

This indicates that the battery is low and needs to be charged on the base or plugged in the receiver until it is fully charged.

6. Cannot continue to use after a period of use

When the machine is not used for a long time, please remember to fully charge it in time before placing it;

7. The receiver and TV cannot be paired successfully

The transmitter and receiver have been paired before the products leaves the factory.Just need match the transmitter and TV according to the instructions

8.Pls feel free to contact with us through Amazon or email if you have any problem.

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