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Tosima Smart Water Cooler Dispenser, Multifunction Water Purifier System Faucet Water Cooler Dispenser Machine Hot Cold Water Home/Office/Bar/Desktop Water Heater

A new concept in the provision of pure fresh drinking water in homes and small businesses. This Small, compact, self-programmable water dispenser is different from anything you have seen before. It plumbs straight into the water main and filters, chills or boils and serves water at any temperature you like, right when you need it at the touch of a button.
It also has an advanced filtration and UV purification system to ensure that the water you drink are the safest you can get.

Technical Specifications
Power 50/60Hz - 115/220V
Cold Water
40 cups/hour at 39°F-57°F (4°c-16°c)
Hot Water
80 cups/hour at 197°F-204°F (92°c-96°c)
Weight 31lb (14kg)
Dimensions H13.7" x W11.4" x D13.7"
(H35cm x W29cm x D35cm)
Filtration System 0.6 Micron Double block activated carbon filter
UV lamp 11 Watts

Product Details

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